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“People are always scared to take their computers in to be repaired.  They feel like they are at the mercy of a person who might take advantage of them.  But that’s not the way it is with Charles.  I know that he is upfront and honest and I totally trust him.

Not too long ago my hard drive failed and I panicked.  When I couldn’t get Charles on the phone right away, I took it to a big retailer.  They kept it for four days and charged me $90 to look at it even though they said there was no charge.  Then they told me that the hard drive was shot and my data was non-retrievable.

So I called Charles again.  Within two hours, he had it back up and running with all my data in place.  I was ecstatic!  I told him, ‘I’ll never bring my computer to anyone else but you!’”

Lori Moffat, CRS
Real Estate Broker
Your Northern Colorado Real Estate Specialist Since 1994!


“I like the way Charles does his stuff.  He’s really good at it. We have ten computers in our office that are networked together.  If we’re down we’re in trouble.  But we don’t have to worry—Charles does a great job at fixing our computer problems and keeping the whole show going.  He’s thorough and very fair in his prices.  We’ve been working with him for more than ten years.”

Barry L. Zaiger, MBA
Certified Public Accountants
1530 N. Boise Avenue - Suite 104
Loveland, CO


I wanted to take just a minute to tell you how much I appreciated you sorting things out for us here at the church.  You will forever be known as the "miracle worker" to me. You turned a computer that seemed to be hopeless, in to a fast, smooth-running machine!  I am so grateful.  You'll never know how wonderful I feel when I come in the office, boot up my computer and it cranks away throughout the day without a glitch. What a relief!  (And Speedy Alka-Seltzer thought he's the answer for providing relief!)  Thanks again for all you've done,

CINDY SOCKLER - Office Manager
Westminster Presbyterian Church
1709 W. Elizabeth Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Phone: (970) 482-7214



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