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Okay, when it comes to maintaining our computers, we're all pretty much the same.  We can usually find something more important to do!  But...there is a way to get this necessary stuff done without it being such a big hassle and without it taking so much of our otherwise valuable time.  We call it the "5 Steps or 5 Minutes Rule"


The rule states:  if it can be done in 5 steps, if it can be done in 5 minutes, or if it can be done in a combination of these, we will do it.  Think about is true!

Try to look at those tasks you know you need to perform and develop a way that they can each be done in compliance with the above rule.  We have a file back up routine for example, that we use and which only takes 5 steps to accomplish.

And, let us know your ideas!  We will be posting more of these over time!


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